Masters Program

The Department of Psychology also offers a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, which provides graduate students with a solid foundation for doctoral studies in all areas of psychology.

Graduates of our MA Program have pursued doctoral training specialties in many areas of psychology, including developmental psychology, experimental psychology, behavioral neuroscience, neuroscience and neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, social/personality psychology, organization/industrial psychology, as well as clinical psychology, and counseling psychology.

In recent years, over 95% of the students who have successfully completed our M.A. program have been accepted into Ph.D. granting institutions, and, in almost every case, with advanced standing and financial aid.

The M.A. graduate training program also is mentor-based, and provides training for students with career interests in all areas of psychology. This means that M.A. students will work directly with a specific faculty member during training, and the number of M.A. students accepted during any year depends on the ability of faculty to accept new M.A. students.

The M.A. program requires 36 semester hours of coursework beyond the bachelors degree, in addition to a completed Masters thesis. M.A. students are accepted on a full-time basis and are expected to finish degree work in 2-3 years.

Please note that the Department of Psychology at FAU does not offer graduate studies in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, but rather we offer basic experimental training that is necessary for students seeking admission to applied Ph.D. programs.