Welcome to the Neuropsychology Lab!

Mónica Rosselli heads the Neuropsychology Laboratory at FAU. Neuropsychology studies brain organization of behavior and cognitive functioning. There are different techniques used in neuropsychology research, such as tests of cognitive ability. These tests are thought to tap into various cognitive functions such as verbal ability, visuospatial skills, and memory, and they might also be sensitive to brain injury. For example, patients with damage in the medial temporal lobe might perform poorly on memory tests. The study of patients with brain lesions has provided an invaluable source of information regarding the relationship between brain and behavior. Other techniques use in neuropsychology to link brain and cognition are electrophysiological techniques such as Event-Related Potentials (ERPs). ERPs are small voltage fluctuations in the ongoing Electroencephalogram (EEG) that result of specific sensory, cognitive, or motor events.

The topics under investigation in the Neuropsychology Laboratory are: (1) the neuropsychology of normal and abnormal aging; (2) the influence of cultural factors and bilingualism in neuropsychological assessment; (3) ERPs, bilingualism and emotions; (4) the neuropsychology of cognitive development; and (5) Eye tracking in reading different phonological systems.

The FAU Neuropsychology Laboratory conducts research and provides graduate training in human neuropsychology. The laboratory has collaborative research with: (1) the FAU Memory Wellness Center in Boca Raton, Florida http://nursing.fau.edu/outreach/memory-and-wellness-center/index.php; (2) the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Florida International University; (3) the  Neuroscience Institute in Guadalajara (Mexico) http://ineuro.cucba.udg.mx/categoria.php?lang=en&id=11  (4) the Wien Center for Memory Disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease at  Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach https://www.msmc.com/wien-center-memory-disorder-questionnaire/ and (5)  the 1Florida Alzheimer Disease Research center. http://1floridaadrc.org/

A complete list of Mónica Rosselli's publications and citations can be found here.