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Monica Rosselli Recognized with HNS Lifetime Achievement Award

September 16, 2021

Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Psychology, Monica Rosselli, Ph.D., was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Cultural Neuropsychology Award by the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society (HNS). This award honors outstanding leaders and scholars who have made a significant contribution to the neuropsychology field over their lifetime.

“I am extremely happy celebrating the great honor of being recognized with the Lifetime Achievement in Cultural Neuropsychology Award. It is wonderful to know that my work has had an impact over our knowledge on how cultural beliefs, values, language, and education can influence cognition and that this effort has been a research inspiration to younger generations of neuropsychologists,” remarks Dr. Rosselli. 

The award was presented to Rosselli at the Hispanic Heritage Month Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. 

Teresa Wilcox, Ph.D., Interim Dean of the Schmidt College of Science, states, “This prestigious award from HNS is well-deserved, and speaks highly of the impact Dr. Rosselli’s research has had in the field of cultural neuropsychology.”

Rosselli and her student researchers, as well as collaborators, investigate a range of topics in neuropsychology, which is the study of brain organization of behavior and cognitive functioning. This research is supported by the National Institute of Aging and the Florida Department of Health. A topic of specific interest to Rosselli is Alzheimer’s Disease, and examining cultural and linguistic variables that influence the onset of dementia. This work is performed in FAU’s Neuropsychology Lab on FAU’s Davie campus, where Dr. Rosselli serves as the director, overseeing a team of undergraduate and graduate students and in collaboration with the 1Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center.

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