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Elan Barenholtz

Elan Barenholtz MPCR Lab
  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Psychology
  • 561-297-3433
  • Boca Raton - Behavioral Sciences (BS-12), BS 212


Ph.D., Rutgers University/New Brunswick

Research Interests

Perception and learning
Deep Learning
Embedded computational neural models

Research Description

I use behavioral and embedded computational approaches (i.e. neural networks running in robots) to study the brain and behavior with the goal of developing a broad theoretical framework of neural function.

Recent Publications

Recent representative publications:

McGuire, M. Morris, P. Garcia, W. Tutianu, N. Hahn, W. and
Barenholtz, E. (In Press). Q-Learning in an autonomous rover. Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Research Journal.
Barenholtz, E., Mavica, Lauren*, & Lewkowicz, D.J. (2016). Language familiarity modulates relative attention to the eyes and mouth of a talker. Cognition. (147), 100-105.
Schlangen, D.* and Barenholtz, E. (2015). Intrinsic and contextual features in object recognition.
Journal of Vision, 15, 1-15.
Hahn, W.,  LaCombe, D. and Barenholtz, E. A sparse neural model for visual motion classification.  (2015) Multimedia Tools and Applications, 74, 10097-10110.
Daskagianni, E. and Barenholtz, E. (2014). Contextual facilitation of visual object recognition: the role of context, location and relative size. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Scholarly Activities

Reviewer for NSF Panel
Editorial Board Member, Frontiers in Psychology

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