Cognitive Psychology

The Cognitive Psychology group at Florida Atlantic University is concerned with how the brain controls the mind and behavior. The faculty offers research programs focusing on attention, perception, memory, and cognitive development. We use a wide range of methodological approaches including psychophysics, eye tracking, EEG, fMRI and fNIRS. Faculty in the program are affiliated with a number of neuroscience programs at Florida Atlantic University, including the Brain Institute and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences.

Core Faculty in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Gizelle Anzures, Developmental changes in face perception, own- and other-race face perception (e.g., visual scanning, identity recognition, etc.),
    development of the brain's face-processing network
  • Elan BarenholtzObject Perception, Deep Neural Network
  • Kevin Darby , Lifespan development of cognitive processes including memory, attention, and metacognition; experimental and computational modeling approaches.
  • Sang Wook Hong, Color Vision, Visual Awareness, Facial Expression
  • Alan Kersten, Language Development, Eyewitness Memory, Object and Event Categorization
  • Summer Sheremata, Visual Attention, Hemispheric Asymmetry
  • Teresa Wilcox, Infant perception and cognition, knowledge acquisition, functional brain development