Research Programs In Psychology

The faculty of the Department of Psychology at FAU conducts research in several core areas of experimental psychology, providing students in our degree programs with training and experience in cutting edge research approaches and methods. Graduate students engage directly in research as a part of earning their advanced degrees. Selected undergraduate psychology students may also participate in research activities. Find out more about Undergraduate Research Opportunities here!

To learn more about the specific research projects of FAU's Psychology faculty choose one of the core areas listed below 

Cognitive Psychology


The Cognitive Psychology group at Florida Atlantic University is concerned with how the brain controls the mind and behavior. The faculty offers research programs focusing on attention, perception, memory and cognitive development. Faculty in the program are affiliated with a number of neuroscience programs at Florida Atlantic University, including the Brain Institute and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences.

Gizelle Anzures, Elan Barenholtz, Kevin Darby, Sang Wook Hong, Alan Kersten, Summer Sheremata, Teresa Wilcox


Developmental Psychology


Faculty within the Department of Psychology who focuses on human development are engaged in high profile research on topics central to healthy development, risk, and resilience. Developmental psychology at FAU embraces international, interdisciplinary collaboration with laboratories throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. We proudly host graduate students from all backgrounds, from all corners of the globe. 


Behavioral Neuroscience


The Behavioral Neuroscience group at Florida Atlantic University is broadly interested in understanding brain - behavior relationships by investigating neural circuits, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie complex behavior. Our behavioral neuroscience labs utilize a variety of techniques including neuropharmacological (drug and chemogenetic), neurophysiological (in vivo recording of neuronal ensembles, local field potentials, and EEG), computational modeling, optogenetics, and immunohistochemical analyses, as well as numerous behavioral tasks. Much of the research in this area is conducted using a number of model systems, from humans to laboratory rodents. Department of Psychology faculty conducting behavioral neuroscience research at FAU are all members of The FAU Brain Institute.




The Social Psychology program prepares students for professional careers as researchers, teachers, program evaluators, and consultants in the field of social psychology. The program provides training in both theoretically-oriented basic research and problem-oriented applied research. Coursework provides students with an education in a broad range of areas including classic and contemporary issues in social psychology, methodological and statistical approaches to psychological research. Graduate students develop further expertise in a specific area or areas of personality and social psychology through hands-on research.

Michael ManiaciAndrzej NowakGeoffrey WetherellRobin Vallacher, Chad Forbes