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Emotion Recognition Study

We are seeking 4-8 year old children to join a virtual or in-person research study.

The WAVES Emotion Lab at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) conducts research to understand the factors that contribute to the development of socio-emotional Wellness during infancy and childhood. We are seeking volunteers to join our study that will look at how well children can recognize emotions and their genetic information. We can conduct the research partially or entirely online, at our labs at FAU or at your child’s school.

The Director of the WAVES Emotion Lab is Professor Nancy Jones, Ph.D., who is an accomplished scientist who oversees this developmental research gruop. Dr. Jones regularly publishes studies, is the author of developmental psychology books, and leads a team of graduate students who operate the WAVES Emotion Lab. Dr. Jones has dedicated her career to investigating the physiological and behavioral underpinnings of Affective development.

Participate in the Study

Do you?

  • Have a child between 4 and 8 years old diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?
  • Want to help researchers understand the emotional development of children with ASD?
  • Want to better understand how your child recognizes emotions and their genes?

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We’re offering a $20 Amazon gift-card to families who participate in a session with us! Additionally, your child will be able to select a free toy of their choice and their results will be available to you upon request.



Contact Us

For additional Information contact us at waveslab@fau.edu.