Upper-Division Honors Program in Psychology

Qualified students are invited to participate in an Honors Program within the undergraduate Psychology major programs. Students may be admitted to the Honors Program after completion of 45 credits and prior to the completion of 105 credits. Students must have a grade point average of 3.2 overall and in the major for all college-level coursework to be admitted to and to be retained in the Honors Program. Both B.A. Psychology and B.S. Neuroscience and Behavior students are eligible to participate in the Honors Program.

Students in the Honors Program must complete Honors Seminar (PSY 4932, 3 credits), Honors Critical Questions in Psychology (PSY 4935, 3 credits),and Honors Thesis (PSY 4970, normally 1 credit taken one semester and 2 credits the other semester). The Honors Seminar and Honors Critical Questions in Psychology can be taken in a student’s junior or senior year, either before, after, or simultaneously with completion of the Honors Thesis. 

Students in the Honors Program are also strongly encouraged to enroll for a Directed Independent Research (PSY 4915 or PSY 4916 for Psychology majors and PSB 4915 or PSB 4917 for Neuroscience and Behavior majors) as soon as they have identified a faculty member to work with to develop their thesis ideas.This should be done as early as possible, but no later than the start of the senior year.

Students must find a faculty member who agrees to supervise them in conducting an honors thesis. An honors thesis is typically an empirical project in which the student participates in all aspects of the research and prepares a written, APA style report of the project. Alternate options may be approved by their faculty advisor. 


For more information, contact David Bjorklund (dbjorklu@fau.edu).